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Change the way you present your products, services and ideas forever with Grypp, a revolutionary, web based, interactive sales and servicing platform designed to help you sell, present and conduct business like never before; removing the barriers of distance, time and cost.

Features and benefits

Grypp gives you a comprehensive tool kit which you can personalise to showcase an unlimited variety of products and services.

No downloads, no installations, just instant connection

It starts with a simple email invitation.  There’s nothing to download or install and no special hardware needed. Simply click a link and your guest is connected, plus you’ll automatically be updated with the latest version, so there are no updates to install or remember.


The media you use to convey your ideas; the forms you use to gather information, the rules you use to make assessments or calculation, and the agreements or contracts you sign to complete a journey, can all be tailored to your product, your service, your needs. It’s a comprehensive tailor made experience.

Fast & Robust

High quality and robust video and audio streams let you and your guests interact, one to one, right there in the same room. And because Grypp adapts to available network bandwidth, you’re assured the best possible images are always displayed, delivering a truly engaging Customer experience.


Interactive, customisable Business Templates, unique to Grypp, allow you to fully personalise your offering through rich media and dedicated behaviour. Through these Business Templates your guests can also engage with and manipulate the media themselves while you’re right there in the room with them.


As well as a whole bank of interactive Business Templates, there’s a comprehensive suite of tools like screen sharing, file sharing, white board, chat, annotation and others at your disposal. Everything at your fingertips, just when you need it.

Real time transactional capability

As your journey draws to a conclusion and your customer’s integrated shopping basket is full, they can enter any information you might need (in forms or agreements) then sign and pay right there and then.

Accountability and compliance

Grypp provides encryption and authentication which means information is both private and secure. You can record an entire presentation or any part of it so that it can be retrieved later for review, training, quality control, or compliance. You can also manage and track presentations using Grypp’s statistical reportings tools.

Total control

A great presentation starts with a great script. Grypp has tools to help steer you through your presentation or guide others in your team who may be presenting – the perfect words right in front of you every time. You’ll also be able to invite additional guests into your room during a presentation and remotely assist your guests with any network problems they might be experiencing.

Generates trust through transparency

90% of what we interpret is body language. With Grypp not only are you able to see your guests, you’re also able to interact and share ideas right there and then with them, making for clear, transparent, personal communication- the foundation for all successful business relations.